Someone who goes to another persons house, uses their toilet, leaves a poo in their toilet and doesn't flush.

Next person finds the poo floating in the toilet.
Who went for a dump and forgot to flush the toilet?

The Pooligan did.
by Caps40 May 01, 2009
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A hooligan in a pool, probably public.
Jax: Did you have fun at the pool with your brother?

Em: Pfft, I bunch of pooligans picked him up and threw him off the diving board.

Jax: ...So, did you have fun?
by Reproach May 05, 2009
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A person or group of people being rude, loud, obnoxious, and overall in a hooligan-like fashion in a pool.
Omg, did you see Sean and Matt at the pool the other day!? They were such Pooligans!!

I may be annoying but at least I'm not a Pooligan.
by nerdyfangirlwhoisalilhungry September 25, 2015
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A die-hard fan of the comic book character Wade Wilson A.K.A Deadpool.

A lot like how a Whovian is a Doctor Who fan and Potterhead is a Harry Potter fan.
"I am so into Deadpool, I'm a Pooligan."
by ShippingNut.net May 17, 2017
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