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A swear word made up by "DNA" that is OK to use in front of children because of its hidden meaning. It can portray any emotion. Originally based off of Lady GaGa's Pokerface along with the thought of her unknown genitals. In short use it when describing something unusual or something your not sure about in a situation when you need to swear. Usually preceeded by the word "ah".
"Damn dude, what the hell is that?"
"Ah pookersnatch it is so weird lookin."

"Are you ok? Did you break your leg?"
"Ah pookersnatch man, I don't know but its hella hurts!"

"Wow, that girl is drinnin!"
"She is probably taking a steriod, athletes are always doing that kind of pookersnatchin thing."
by Anhalt November 23, 2009
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