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(poo-jee, pʊdʒiː)

1. (adjective) A word used to describe a very cute, adorable kitten or cat.

2. (noun) The word used in place of "cat" or "kitten", when referring to a cat or kitten which may be considered cute or adorable.
1. (adjective) That cat is so poojie!

2. (noun) You cat is so cute, he is such a poojie!
by ecnu December 12, 2009
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a feeling or condition where something or someone is ugly, not cool, not tight, dirty, nasty, etc...
inanimate: "That beer tastes poojie!" or "Those 13inch rims are poojie"

animate: "That girl is poojie looking man! what were you thinking?" or "Damn, it's been a rough week, I feel poojie"
by Thuy Truong September 21, 2005
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