smashing a girl missionary style while repeatedly punching her in eye until an eye patch is needed. turn her over to doggy style while still smashing away then get a marker pen and draw a x over her asshole then unleash your load inside of it to bury your treasure.
i was fucking trashed while watching pirates of the caribbean with this chick and she was full ready for a poo pirate.
by Johnny two deep October 24, 2011
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The conquest across the seven seas in the search for of hidden treasure (poo). Often having to enter many dark caves in the process.
Rachiepoos is a poo poo pirate. She LOVES it!!
by Gordanus October 2, 2008
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a living being with a very sharp penis who engages in anal intercourse with women and often causes fatal tearing of the mucas membrane.
that horse was a total killer poo pirate
by Andrew Mac-daddy May 7, 2009
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Also known as the Jolly Rogerer,pirate of men’s pants.
Watch out there maybe Poo Pipe Pirates int the shower room.
by K-Slash October 6, 2003
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