1. A person with malnutrition who can not defecate normaly. Usually causes the person with poo juice to be ridiculed by his or her peers.

2. Another name for diarrhea
1. Dude, you really should eat healthy or your poo juice will be even more visible.

2. The father was upset because he had to clean his baby's poo juice.
by Jenn Hoffmaster June 25, 2007
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being sprayed some by the toylet water when bending down to pull up pants after taking a dump.
Bill thought he was going to die when he was poo juiced in the men's room.
by scott mccowan March 27, 2007
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When the poo juice seeps out of the asshole after hardcore anal, and slowly slides down the thigh, then the partner begins to suck it off, referring to the "suction cup"
by Sinclair o'neil November 03, 2012
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