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A cute kitty cat, small dog or baby. To gain 'ponom' status is quite difficult. Rosie is the ultimate ponom, especially when her pupils are large and in charge. This word was created by Alice and Kathy. It is spreading like wildfire. For the record, rodents can NEVER be ponoms. Never.
Aww look at da ponommmm" "What a ponom yawn!" "Look at that ponom stretch" "... hey ponom.
by CoolPerson1234 June 29, 2010
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A ponom is an excpetionally cute and adorable small mamal, while generally used on dogs and cats it can be applied on animals such as otters, praire dogs and badgers. Only, however if they reach the exceptional level of cuteness required to achieve ponom status.

Rosie, while a contender for ultimate ponom, only fake ponom experts consider her the outright ultimate, due to the large number of contenders un-evaluated.
woah, look at that cat! what a ponom, much more so then Rosie...

Jill and Ahmed adopted a cat, it was such a widdwe ponom!
by PonomMaster October 11, 2010
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