A PONIS is the long, stringy ponytail found on (usually) older men, aging hippy types, typically with thinning hair (or just about NO hair), where each existing strand is lovingly washed and tended so that it can be carefully included in the skinny ponis, the purpose of which is to show that the bearer is still hip, still cool, and maybe still a bit virile. A ponis rarely looks good, often looks ratty, and should usually be CUT OFF!!
That dude's ratty ponis looks like shit!
by T-Bear VT July 7, 2009
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*Jillian is rolling in the mud*
Emma: “Jillian stop doing a ponis
by Emu Goat July 26, 2019
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A penis with a little more "Ohhhh"
...you have a penis, I have a ponis...
by dark_ape November 28, 2004
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1. Noun. Content relating to the My Little Pony franchise (and especially My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). This content can include (but isn't limited to) fan art, fan fiction and photos.

2. Plural for pony.

2. The ancestors of most modern ponies developed small stature due to living on the margins of livable horse habitat. - Wikipedia
"Modern Warfare 3 cost me two ponies!"
by Wimbleflat February 18, 2012
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Twenty five pounds. Usually used in london.
Cost me a pony
Yo, you got a pony
by Shadow hawk January 8, 2005
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Refers mainly food. Also anything one might consider good.
by thebobo August 8, 2017
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