A person who seems full of themselves and who grabs every opportunity to let others know of their feelings of superiority.
This professor sounds like a complete pompous ass. (See from time 3:00 of this recording: soundcloud dot com/kingston-university/music-at)
by Artressa September 1, 2011
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An individual consumed by their irrational belief that they are better than others based on a large quantity of money they in a hard way. They typically reek of arrogance and have no concept of harsh times. Usually sheltered from opposing viewpoints, that threaten their fragile understanding of how the real-world works, they are impressively narrow minded. IPPA's are typically well educated and mostly come from well-to-do families. They believe deep down they are truly a good person although others may see them as full of themselves and judgmental. Although many do not see, behind this fancy curtain of success lies a frail, insecure and unworthy identity desperately trying to fill the empty void in their lives. BEHOLD! THE MIGHTY IPPA!
Bro 1: "Dude that Ignorant Pompous Powdered Ass (IPPA) just tried to act better than me, but I saw right through him and shut him down."
Bro 2: "Gnarly bro! Ista karma on that powdered ass!"
Bro 1 & Bro 2: "DUUUDE!"
by Leprechaun_Handler_927 February 24, 2023
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