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Similar to Glockboys , Polymentals are largely Airsoft Operators that believe themselves to be 3%ers. Unfortunately their love for plastic isn't limited to personal massage wands and Ebay knock off optics. Their constant insistence that an AR15 Lower receiver made of polymer, rather than a forged or Billet lower, is equal in quality regardless of evidence to the contrary, is proof of their mental deficiency.

Polymentals are known to be easily Butthurt and quick to unleash an incoherent rant in the form of a run on sentences and/or paragraphs. These run ons are usually loaded with incorrect Homonym usage such as their/there/they're, your/you're, are/our, to/two/too. When corrected with an asterisk (*) and proper spelling, they become triggered and claim it was an "Auto correct error. (you know because Autocorrect and Autocomplete are the same thing).

Polymentals are usually male, but can be female, usually the fairer sex grows out of this mind set around 9-10 years of age. The male Polymental however does not and quite often takes up Vaping. This usually leads to lifelong addiction to Vape juice, and Vapegasms in mommys basement.
Look at that Polymental, he bought a Tupperware AR15.

Airsoft is full of prosser ass Polymentals.

Ha ha ha that Polymental, just broke his AR15 in half.
by SigP229 December 11, 2017
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