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Pollock Pines is originally a general place name that describes the populated area just East of Placerville, then Camino CA (a town at the end of the railhead from Sacramento CA) and progressing eastward to the 13 Mile Post and then toward the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains going from Meyer's Grade, to Echo Summit, then down slope to Lake Tahoe and on to Reno (the next railhead East). Pollock pines encompases many different Stage Stops marked in milage between Placerville, CA and South Tahoe CA. These stops were also used as place names for the original East-West Pony Express route which is very closely mimicked by U.S. HWY 50
Stage Driver: Well, folks, it's time to depart Placerville (old Hangtown) and head up Rupley Grade to Camino for a quick horse change, appropriate libations and personal business, and then up to the ridge of Pollock Pines, where we'll have smooth travel and ample mail stops offering brief rest for all.
by Jakatola February 10, 2010
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