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A euphemistic expression for the mentally ill who are obsessed with the views, actions and figures of one political party or political system.

The emotional attachment is so great that said person suffers from an inability to rationalize opposing viewpoints, vote for opposing candidates, etc. Further, he/she is delusional in the belief that their hyper-attention to politics is somehow healthy for them, their friends, or discourse in general.

Modeled after 'mentally challenged' and other 'challenged' as an alternative for a disability.
American cable news is so infested with nutjobs, that those networks ought to be reclassified as pornography for the politically challenged (and then scrambled for the rest of us).
by GFW_ May 20, 2011
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(of a country, state or organization)

Screwed up and backward beyond recognition because of excessively vehement or vindictive application of politically correct policies, whether by government or citizens.

A derogatory form of politically correct, stemming from the PC usage of the word challenged when the non-PC designation would be "retarded", "screwed up", etc.
Possessing one of them's gonna be a damn felony in politically challenged Kalifornia!
by Lior Bar-On May 21, 2004
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