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The fine art of shoving and ice cube up one's lovers ass, waiting for the ice to melt, then sucking to water out.

It is called the polar ice cap because the ice melts and trickles down steam much like the polar ice caps.
Karen wanted a polar ice cap for her birthday because the cooling sensation of the ice dulled the pain of her hemorrhoids.
by matt tacha June 01, 2009
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The act of ejaculating on your lovers face whilst they sleep when temperatures outside have dropped below freezing. Then opening the window allowing the semen to freeze overnight and taking a picture in the morning as they wake.
Holli was annoyed at having to blow dry the Polar Ice Cap off her face before getting ready for work.
by BagSlayer September 23, 2016
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when you stick an icecube up a females vagina and fuck till it melts (go for time!!!!)
i preformed the polar ice cap on my girlfriend and i did it in under 60 seconds!
by big baller 696969 August 13, 2009
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