A gesture from the Dark Souls series used after defeating another player in PvP to generate salt.

it pretty much means ''stay the fuck down.''

It's usually followed by a stalk dung pie (literal shit that you throw at people.)
*4 man gank kills a single invader*

*Point down x4*
*stalk dung pie x20*
by Snaaakeeaaaateeer March 28, 2021
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A gesture of disrespect originating from the popular rpg Dark Souls, and is often used when a player wins a fight against another in PvP
" i lost but atleast he didn't Point down when I did "
by E to the 3rd power November 2, 2020
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the act of going down to the bars (bar) on Broadway in Rocky Point, LI. Though not as popular as the term Down Port and the night life severely less satisfying your wallet will be sure to thank you and you get to avoid large crowds so you can drink quietly by yourself or with a couple buds.
Sally went Down Point Thursday as an economical alternative to Down Point even though they have twofers at the Arden! Sally is not as trendy as most girls but expresses a heighten maturity level .
by Johnnynoname November 15, 2016
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