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A very small out of the way, off the beaten path, town. See BFE! lol
I come from Podunkville, USA! It right be BFE! lol
by Della Hull October 19, 2005
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Po-dunkville (Grant Parish): A place without street lights and the only form of business is chevron stations. A place where just about everyone owns a hunting firearm and skips school/work for the first day of squirrel/duck season. A place where the only thing to do is hunt and go "Muddin'." A place where there is a Mud Fest. A place where racial stereotypes are about 90% constant. A place where there are still race fights. A place where the community refers to Northerners as "Yankees" and cheer for the "rebirth" of the confederacy.
by Si Se Pueda August 12, 2011
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