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When anyone, particularly management, discourages independant thinking and works to create little peas-in-the-pod or podpeople.
The director of sales couldn't tolerate it when anyone disagreed with him so he made sure the managers would podulate the staff.

Everyone hated it when new staff were forced to podulate.
by Trauma girl July 18, 2009
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The act, unsanctioned by Christianity, of engaging in deep contact with those of the podular kind. Refers to multifaceted thought layers surround the design of and spiritual connection with the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition II: near-vacuum boogaloo.

As a noun: the school of thought founded in early 2007 by Grand Master Noymer.
Well, it depends on the, it's like if you went to great lengths to, if you took a uh, it's on the left. And if you move it from the center it'll remove the lengths you took to have going to have underwent. An analogy: if this were the first type of act in a place of a type of thought it would have to be less than a fraction of the original part. Podulate.
by Uno de los squenchanos February 10, 2017
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