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Discovered in Lorton, Virginia, a Pocoon is a hybrid possum (opposum) /Raccoon mix.
The pocoon has the head, jaws and sharp teeth of the possum, yet has the fur covered body and colorations of the racoon. Also distintive is the tail, as it is bare like a possoms, but sports a striped tuff, like a racoon at the end.

Since the initial sighting in 1999, there are no other known, unknown or imagined occurances of this species.
I was walking back from Multiplex and from out of nowhere a half-oppossom, half-raccoon ran into the middle of the path! It can only be described as a Pocoon!!!

Hey, that Pocoon just ate my cheetos!

Wow, did you see the size of that Pocoon!
by DoYoBelieve June 17, 2011
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