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1. A town in Virginia.
2. A state of mind one enters after a large amount of drinking. To enter said state one usually must consume somewhere around 6 sparks, half a bottle of wild turkey or many many beers. Once in Lorton you are not responsible for your actions. You pat other's genitals like you at petting zoo, yell things like "Get your pussy in the cab" and leave a path of destruction in your wake.
"I was on the express train to Lorton after my 3rd sparks."

"I'm going to Lorton tonight, who's coming with me?"
by WBNT May 03, 2007
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A hand-rolled cigarette made using Ducthmaster tobacco and shoe box paper, out of desperation for a jack. Called a Lorton because of its origins from Lorton, Virginia instead of The Netherlands.
"Yesterday I rolled a Lorton because I was out of jacks and really wanted a cigarette."
by Magic Beach Bum July 19, 2009
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