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A spoon kept in your pocket while in public. A pocket spoon is usually kept in a rear pant pocket, but be careful, if you are fat, you may damage your spoon by keeping it in this pocket. For the many people who have this problem, a front pocket is also acceptable. Many pocket spoons are decorated with glitter, gems, or bows. Remember: Your pocket spoons goes out into public with you; It needs to be dressed accordingly. For all of you who don't get the point, just think: What if you need to catch a tadpole and you have no ladle to do so with? USE YOUR HANDY DANDY POCKET SPOON. What if you have an itch? Scratch it with your pocket spoon. What if they are all out of utensils at lunch? Use your pocket spoon. What if you just accomplished something big? Celebrate by raising your spoon in the air. Is ths starting to make sense to all you non-believers? No? Then don't even try to rock this trend; It's not for you.
What's that shiny object by your butt?
Oh, that's my pocket spoon.
by buttsuckerlovescrunk May 23, 2011
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