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Any Male, that a taken female communicates with more then their significant other, by via(but is not limited to) texting, IM, E-male, Face to face, and or telecommunication. It is generally considered that if the female should become single after having a "pocket Boyfriend" that the male who is the "pocket boyfriend" is normally next to date said female.

The duties of a pocket boyfriend are the same as a normal boyfriend, as well as providing emotional support to the female during stressful times.
boy friend:who are u texting
girlfriend: my friend (male name)
boyfriend: oh your pocket boyfriend. . . *in a distasteful tone*
by MasterAzriel June 21, 2010
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Any man that you find attractive, though he is clearly to small/short for you to actually date. You might make an exception and date him anyways, but you would feel very uncomfortable being seen with him in public, because beside him you feel like a giant/swollen/amazon.
Me: Omg, pocket boyfriend! Over there, he's so cute!
Friend: Ooh, he is cute!
(nothing ever happens after that)
by smart cookiez April 01, 2011
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A slang term used to describe a vibrator, i.e. a "boyfriend" that you can fit in your pocket.
Me: Jenny, what is that in your purse?
Jenny: oh.. it's just my.. pocket boyfriend *blush*
Me: *awkward silence*
by HiImTye June 19, 2012
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