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An exclusively Asian person who is under your control, as either
1. The smart kid who does all your work for you
2. A boyfriend/girlfriend
3. A personal slave/servant
1. Hey, where's my pocket Asian? I need the calculus homework.
2. Have you seen Vik's pocket Asian? She's really hot, and I hear she makes good rice.
3. My pocket Asian, Wu Yu Kwan, doesn't mind carrying my books.
by Jeremy Tuttle November 16, 2005
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An Asian that easily fits anywhere one chooses to place it. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on how one uses it.
Compliment: “I passed my math test because of my pocket Asian.” give thumbs up
Insult: “Your girl must have left you since you were a pocket Asian!” insert evil laugh
by BishiBower September 10, 2009
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