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A rigid, die hard supporter of morally corrupt politicians, mostly supporting establishment supported party in Pakistan. Also called as YOUTHIA
PoTIans were very happy after their leader succeeded in getting majority in rigged elections
by anti-youtyouthh August 01, 2018
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Potian is a slang widely used in Pakistan (also known as youthia or kanjar). Potian is the blind follower of Military and their puppet politicians in Pakistan.
Potian likes to pimp his sister, mother and daughter for Military and Niazi's pleasures. Lack of political insight is their common trait. They turn a blind eye on destruction caused by military interference.
man: hey Potian, your sister is being nailed by a solider.

Potian: So what? when my sister is not doing her duties properly, military can use her.

man: its cruelty and military must not do such things.

Potian: when military nails my family, my family enjoy more then ever, so its their right
by samajhdar August 02, 2018
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