An easy and pleasant job that also pays well.
He is very lucky to have got himself a plum job.
by HolyMolyOnly March 23, 2016
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This goes beyond deep throat and way past your tricky dick. When the entire sword has been swallowed, one manually pulls open each cheek in order to insert the two orbs, thus orally encasing the entire baby-making mechanism. The advantage for aficionados of deep penetration is that once the globes are inside, two to three more inches of manliness can be thrust forward. Just be careful not to run out of air because disengaging takes a moment and panic could ensue.
She had all my junk in and then she grabbed my ass and took me deep. The thing about a plum job like that is, if she could have forced her tongue out, she would have been rimming me at the same time!
by Chris Zizzo July 13, 2008
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A "Dusty Plum Job" is when you flower up your asshole nicely and proceed to fart on someones face while they are asleep, or just plain not expecting it. The result is the person have moist, poop sented flower all over their face and hair.
Man the bitch was passed out hard so i gave her the meanest dusty plum job anyone has ever seen.
by megaman August 13, 2006
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