Porn with plot.
The plorn started out with the pizza guy ringing the doorbell.
by Lpants October 31, 2009
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Political Porn. Such as the endless shares and reposts of biased news articles, political cartoons, memes, and other politically based materials intended to sway or teach other people the original poster's point of view. But we all know that they just come across as a lunatic and only teach us that they are surfing the net for hours in search of this stuff. Or else, they copy and paste entire emailed talking points from their PAC or political party. Their sarcasm in the posts comes across as sad as someone who cries while masturbating.
Marty likes to go home and search for plorn every night and posts it to Facebook after work to prove a point that nobody cares about. Alex Jones is like the Larry Flint of plorn.
by OriginalScapegoat December 10, 2013
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PLORN is very simply, plane porn. High quality aerial photography of the newest hottest military aircraft taking to the skies.
Not to be confused with situational pornography that takes place on commercial aircraft involving stewardess or flight attendants, but sexy aerial photography of high performance military aircraft in flight.

Often equated to sexy photo shoots involving high end performance cars in exotic locations, PLORN, is the high performance military aircraft equivalent.
by RichardSlinger August 29, 2011
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