A motion controller. It's a Wii remote with a ball on top.
The Playstation Move is a big fail.
by ablisa January 20, 2011
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A new control device for the Playstation 3, which will enable the use of motion gaming. Recently announced at GDC 2010, Sony plans the PS Move to replace the wii as the dominate shovelware platform. The Playstation Move controller is a wand shape with a glowing ball on top, simmilar to Nintendo's Wii remote. The Playstation Move Sub-Controller is an additional controller that can be used in unison with the PSMove. The Sub-Controller is essentially the same as the Wii's Nunchuk controller.

One major aspect of the PSM that shows it's uniqueness and originality is its ability to controll controll FSP games and 3rd person shooters; never before has a motion controller been able to controll hardcore FPS or 3rd person action games. (That is if you exclude all of the Wii games that have done the exact same thing as the PSM; ie. The Conduit, Red Steel 2, Metroid Prime 3, Call of Duty: Reflex, MadWorld, Call of Duty: World at War, Monster Hunter 3, legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, COD3, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, etc).

The Playstation Move has a Fall 2010 launch window. PS3 owners prepare to buy WiiHD when it comes out this fall!
(Edit: Playstation Move, not WiiHD, I guess I confused them, since they are basically the same thing)
Max: "Hey did you see the Sony Playstation Move that was just announced?"

Joe: "No, what is it?"

Max: "It's Wii, but for the Playstation, so don't get it unless you're a rich bastard "

Joe: "Thanks for the tip man."
by Sony-Fan(Nintendo rocks) March 15, 2010
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A motion control device from Sony. Its main controller looks like a roll-on deodorant.
Playstation Fanboi: "Hey guyz, just got the Playstation Move."

Neutral Person Who Owns All Current Consoles And Doesn't Have An Unreasonable Agenda: "Looks a little like a Wii Remote."


Reasonable Playstation Owner: "Shut up, Playstation Fanboi, stop making us look like morons. Just accept it looks like the Wii remote and leave it at that.
by Trip Hawkings July 28, 2010
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its supposed to be an awesome controller thats supposed to make it more realistic but really, it just looks like an alien dildo.
person1: Want to play Playstation Move?

person2: Nah, its just an alien dildo I'm gonna go play Kinect.
by Not_A_Fanboy February 23, 2011
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Proof that Sony is getting desperate, does not have any sort of honor, and can't be original anymore. In case you could not tell, the Playstation Move is nothing more than a Wiimote with a ball on top. It's as close to copyright infringment as you can get.
The Playstation Move makes me want to cry
by Optical_Epilepsy April 30, 2011
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