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1) When a man's boxers or boxer briefs give him a self-inflicted wedgie.

2) When a pair of boxers or briefs "sneak up" on you after squirming in your seat to give you a wedgie.
Joe: Yo! Andre stop sticking your hands down your pants!

Andre: Aye, sorry man, my boxers keep playing indian on me.
by Macier Que. Ross September 15, 2009
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1. Its when you are going down on your wife or girlfriend, and you discover they are menstruating and wearing a tampon. You grab the tampon string with your teeth and pull it out, then you vigorously swing your head back and forth to place red warpaint markings on your cheeks. You then make the classic "woo woo woo woo" sound with your hand over your mouth and proceed to get down to business.

2. The smeared red face you get after going down on a woman on her period. Usually alcohol is a factor.
Michael: Man, my wife is special this week. I guess I won't get any for awhile.

Joe: Nah, just do some "playing Indian" and she will be so freaked out she will forget and let you nail her.

"To my surprise she was on the rag, but I just played Indian and got down to business."

"Wow you must have been drunk, by the look of your face you were playing Indian last night."
by Scrooged June 11, 2012
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It is a game gay people play. They sit indian style across from each other and jerk each other off. Who ever gets cum on there face first loses.
Yo I played indian with my b/f and i made him squirt all over his face. Yeah thats mad hard core fun playing indian.
by Santana Computer January 08, 2006
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