The act of removing the muffler from your "pimped" hatchback to make it "sound fast" or like a "real car" Similar to children putting a playing card in the spokes of their bike to make it sound like a motorcycle.
Hector, I love Playing Cars! Even though we are doing 25, it sounds like we are in a race car! Look at all those bitches checking us out!
by Kavka June 5, 2010
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Having sex, fucking. Code word so others dont know what you are referring to.
Chilling with the wife and her parents, using the code words playing cars.

Hey later can we play cars?
by stuckingunru December 6, 2009
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verb (kahr-pley)
The act of having sexual relations in an automobile, usually because neither party is able to "host". CarPlay is frequently the result of a Grindr or similar "hookup app" meetup by either closeted individuals or ones who still live in their mother's basement.
Steve: Sup bro? You looking? Pics?

Ashton: So horngry, let's do this bruh! You hosting?

Steve: Can't host; my GF came home from work early...

Ashton: Me neither, my mom doesn't know, LOL.

Steve: Dude, you down for some car play?

Ashton: I know a sweet spot in the park for some NSA - CarPlay it is!
by NateDiggityDogg March 3, 2014
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What closeted homosexuals sometimes have to resort to when meeting strangers for sex. When both parties are unable to provide a house to mess around in, they often times will drive somewhere secluded to fulfill their irresistible urge to lick another man's asshole.
It's a shame we had to resort to car play. When he pulled his dick out of my ass, I sprayed poop all over the steering wheel.
by AnonymousAndy2 October 14, 2018
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