A way of asking if someone wants to "play" with your penis, while referring to the Nintendo Wii
Friend 1: Hey, wanna play with my wii?
Friend 2: Sure!
Friend 1: Great, hey maybe after that we can play video games!
by IntoTheBlaze117 March 31, 2010
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A secret code that implies when a male (usually italian) goes over to another male's (usually ginger) house to Dock with them or to perform some other homosexual act.
When I heard that Ricky was going over to Mary's house to play wii, I knew exactly what was going down... ricky... on mary...
by EggI2oll July 26, 2011
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a game on the wii and it's also a threat
wii play do you is that a threat
by sourarcticfox November 25, 2021
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