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Caught in the middle of the feud between Plano East and Plano West, Plano Senior High School remains to this very day, regardless of really really really really ridiculously bad propaganda about drugs, the most prestigious school in the nation. cuz we said so.
The school has maintained excellent traditions that not only encourage the students to excel in academics but to also have fun, yo.
Yeah, we have our share of rich snobby kids, but don't be hatin' on us, bitches.
Here are a few reasons we own you.
-7 state football titles. more than any other school in texas.
-AP biology teacher was 2006 texas teacher of the year.
-highest SAT average in the nation (yeah, we love our asians)
-you have to have a 4.1 to be in the top ten percent.
-the largest graduating class in the nation every year.
-Plano Senior High was named by the Grammy Foundation as a 2005 Grammy Signature School Gold school for their achievement in the arts.
-STATES CHAMPS; Boys Varsity Basketball 2006
- UIL division 5A was created because of us.
-Plano administers more Advanced Placement tests each year than any other school west of the Mississippi River and all but one school in the United States
-The campus was constructed at a cost of 38.6 million dollars
-Plano hosts the largest high school blood drive in the nation. and it's been the way since 1992.
-we pretty much built Allen. thanks to Robin Hood
-The 2006 Plano Academic Decathlon team took 2nd at nationals.
-John B. Herrington- the first Native American astronaut to go to space- graduated from Plano.
-we have a pond. with REAL ducks. our ducks own your ducks.
-the Wildcat Band played at Texas Stadium.
-Plano's HOSA, FBLA, and other career organizations pretty much make it to nationals every year..and win. not to mention own all the magnet schools.
-Plano has the most active volunteers in Texas.
-Our foreign language program is better than yours. by a lot.
-and that's just a few. if you really want to know more about Plano, tell your dad to get rich fast and move here..or die trying. (you'll probably die trying.)

If at first you dont succeed, Plano is not for you.
Plano Senior High School
cant touch this.
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