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All right, in response to all 3 previous "definitions," I'd like to say... well... they're 50% right, and mostly stereotypical. False assumptions, mainly. I know plenty of kids who went to Plano West who were considered "cool" without driving an expensive car, who were smart and earned their GPA's legitimately, and who weren't coke whores. Nevertheless, there were a good amount of students who fell under all three of those categories. It's unfair to those who went to Plano West, and remained down to earth, to be categorized as a Plano West "rich bitch." Touching off of that, regardless of the fact that their parents are well off, many of the kids who attend Plano West aren't stuck up whatsoever. People who drive nice cars, have nice clothes, and own nice things should never be considered stuck up... if anyone is able to buy nice things, that person is going to do so... and that says absolutely nothing about their character or personality. Just thought I would clear up the confusion, since the first two definitions were obviously written by people who do not/did not attend the school. If they did, they would know that they were wrong.
Guy: Where do you go to school?
Girl: Plano West
Guy: Oh, so you're rich? Why don't you drive a Range Rover?
Girl: Because I'm not rich...

there. and yes, this conversation has been had many times, i'm sure.
by RandomPlanoKid April 24, 2006
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The newest of the senior high schools in Plano. Most students from Plano or especially Plano East will tell you that the school is nothing but a bunch of "rich kids", although the population is basically upper-middle class. The exuberant displays of wealth have died down here in recent years, most evident in the parking lot. There's a few Audis and Mercedes, but that's about as nice as they get. The typical student drives a hand-me-down or used Toyota. The people here aren't mean, they just come off that way because of the fact that they are wealthier than average and don't really interact with people outside their circle of friends. The school is very diverse, however, and everyone can find their niche. The teachers are great too, but the school is EXTREMELY competitive academically, because of the large Asian population as well as the white population whose parents went to an Ivy League school and therefore have ultra-high expectations for their teens. You have to have a 4.0 or higher to be in the top 10%. Drugs aren't all that big of a problem here, but alcohol runs rampant. Even some of the last kids you'd expect have Facebook pictures with them drinking a beer or with other kids in the background drinking beer, usually Keystone Light. Everyone here has matured a bit since their days at Shepton and Jasper, and therefore fights very rarely occur, on campus at least. The school's football team isn't that great, but the school excels in other areas to compensate, most notably in the Fine Arts department and the tennis team. And I'm not gonna lie, we have the worst-looking campus of the three high schools. The other two schools have picturesque campuses with nice ponds, we on the other hand have this pathetic, tiny pond in the shape of a "W" that is rarely turned on, serving as a rather nice stagnant home for the dying fish. Overall the school isn't that bad, but not that great either.
There you have it. A fair and balanced definition from someone who actually goes to Plano West.
by Austin J March 14, 2008
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IN regards to the previous entry: 90% correct. Indeed, Plano West is a festering pool of excess spending and "cool" (expensive) drugs. Although, there are a rare breed of the Wolf Pack known as the "Dallas Kids". These kids live in Dallas and only smoke the cheapest pot available. Their parents don't give them money all the time and most of them dont drive $50,000+ cars. They went to Frankford Middle School, and have to drive over 5 miles to get to school. Those kids rule and hate Plano West as much as the rest of you. Rock on dallas kids, Rock on.
"hey man should we invite Timmy to come on our annual Plano West cruise this spring break?"
"No he's a Dallas kid he cant afford it."
"Oh yea, being rich rulez"
by Chris Khraish March 20, 2006
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An incredibly hellish high school, academically and socially. Known for its beautiful, rich, white students with ridiculously high GPAs and, ironically, ridiculously low intelligence. The majority of students make up the in-crowd of the entire metroplex (or so they like to believe). They pay $75 a semester to park their brand new birthday gifts: bmw's, mercedes, escalades with spinners, jeeps and manual sports cars (which they can't drive worth shit) with license plates that read "PRNCZ" and "HOTSTUF" when they should read "BITCH" "WHITEY" or "ASSHOLE".
An average American teenager's nightmare, it is a social prison disguised as an educational facility, where your human worth is gauged based on your credit card limit, the amount of bleach in your hair, and your willingness to say "like oh my god" before anything, either good or bad. Also, must be willing to put out and then bitch and moan behind their "friends" backs because they do the same slutty thing.
Girls: Must weigh less than 120 pounds and own at least one Louie Vutton purse in order to have friends. Must be on the dance team or cheerleading squad, as well as a hotter-than-shit attitude, to be considered attractive.
Boys: Must be 5'10 or taller, bench press twice your weight, and spell your own name in order to have friends or be considered attractive. Spelling your girlfriend's name correctly is a plus.
The cloning factory for up-and-coming inhabitants of plano, the epitomy of rich white suburbia.
The new beverly hills 90210 is now plano 75093.
a.k.a HELL
Boy 1: Did that girl really just roll up in a beamer?
Boy 2: Don't be suprised-She goes to Plano West.
Boy 1: Oh, no wonder. But damn she's hot.
Girl: Thanks, my Daddy bought my outfit at the Gucci store!
by ex-planoite March 05, 2006
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ok, i agree what most of the previous definitions have had to say about west but some of it was wrong. only about 1/2 the school is consisted of rich white folk. and these kids arent the smart ones. about the 1/4 of the school is asian, and their the ones that dominate the GPAs and SAT. another 1/4 is just normal, not rich, not poor, just down to earth kids that work hard and arent handed everything by their parents. some guy said that the "dallas kids" are the poor ones but about half of all the rich kids at west are from dallas. frankford was like a mini west. i went through frankford, shepton, and west and seen it first hand. we did have 3 0r 4 mercedes parked side by side. btw, i hated all of those schools, it is a social hell
guy 1: how did you like plano west?
guy 2: besides having to park next to a mercedes everyday, it was ok
guy 1: my dads car isnt even that nice
guy 2: ya, plano west sucked
by ryan kelly June 30, 2006
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One of the three schools in plano, Plano East Senior High, Plano Senior High, Plano West Senior High. This school is filled with rich kids that live off of their parents and for the most part cannot spell. They drive around in cars costing $50,000+ and think they are the shit. They love to do roids/blow/x/brown because their parents feed them money to buy it. Without a doubt, all the girls at West are beautiful because their parents pay for them to get their nails/hair/tanning, and even plastic surgery. For the people at West that aren't stuck up bitches, keep it real. For the people at West that are stuck up bitches, I'm gonna' laugh when you have an emotional break down and your world crashes because mommy and daddy lost their job or died or dont live with you anymore, and you actually have to work for something. Yes, actually have to get your first job at 25. Reppin' PLANO EAST.
Plano West is overrated.
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An area of Plano (West Plano) where people pretend to be rich. The buildings are built to look old, because Richardson and Dallas (its neighboring areas) are older cities. Residents live on top of each other in expensive neighborhoods like Castle Hills. They go to Plano West Senior High, which people think is a great school, but really it is only Recognized by the TEA (Texas Education Agency) while the best schools in Texas like Carroll Senior High School or The Woodlands High School are Exemplary. Also, everyone thinks Plano West has such a great football team while in reality they have only won one playoff game. In fact the entire Plano ISD schools have not won a state championship in football since Plano East Senior High (the poor high school) won in 2000.
I was over in Plano West the other day. At first I thought it was such a nice area, now I realize it's a poser town pretending to be Southlake...who knew?
by gingeravenger July 20, 2011
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