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The person riding shotgun to and from the pizza store. Their job is to hold the pizza so that it doesn't slide or get ruined. This can also be done by them riding in the trunk if your girlfriend/boyfriend wants shotgun.
I'm hungry, lets get some pizza. Come on pizza bitch your riding shotgun.
by Enlightened1111 May 27, 2010
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The ho that works the counter in a pizza shop. She let's all the nasty pizza cooks hit. Flirts and try's to fuck all the customers. Gives hand jobs on the daily to the delivery driver and gives blow jobs for rides home.
If your hungare and horn go fuck the pizza bitch.
by twentyseven 27 January 16, 2015
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a pizza bitch is one of those stupid anorexic hos who needs to get over herself and eat some fucking food. you're too damn skinny.
Dude A: "Dude, you check Mary out recently? Pretty bangin', huh?"
Dude B: "What the fuck are you talking about, man? She's a fucking pizza bitch. She looks like a skeleton"
by julianblaise February 07, 2009
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Someone you absolutely do not like but don't hate, usually fat and wears lots of make up sometimes you want to curb stomp her.
Shelby was being a slutty pizzabitch by flirting with her man.
by Jshkool3 June 21, 2009
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Someone who has a missing left nut, and works for a pizza store to make up the for the lost weight
<BagofPot> Pizza Bitch := BagofPot, the poor schmuck who has to deliver a pizza to Dallas now. And won't get a tip either.
by computer bitch November 11, 2004
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