A euphemism for “having sex with girls a third of your age on your rich pedofile friends sex island” this is often used by the top 1% often famous men between the age of 50-70 whom have a direct relation with the queen.
Interviewer: where were you on this night?

Prince Andrew: I was at pizza express in Woking
by Thatlilnig November 18, 2019
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A magical place that defies the laws of physics; the staff won't remember your visit, and no-one saw it happen

The phrase comes from a popular pizza eatery in Woking that may be cited as an alibi whenever you're accused of something that you definitely did, but don't want to admit.
I can't have had sex with my good friend's trafficked child prostitute because on the night in question I was in Woking Pizza Express.
by Flangetta November 23, 2019
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A place that is empty or with very few people inside
"Lets go here mate, its pizza express full, we'll get in easy!"
by D81 January 7, 2008
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