The burning of the inside of your mouth due to eating too-hot pizza, specifically the blistering and peeling of the roof of the mouth. Caused in particular by searing hot cheese.

You do not have to be intoxicated for this to happen, you just need to be hungry.
Some idiot: "Balls, this pizza is too hot and now my mouth is burnt and peeling and stuff"
Some idiot's friend: "Sounds like you got a bad case of pizza mouth."
by fug91 September 2, 2010
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The burning of the inside of mouth and or tongue due to the consumption of hot pizza. In particular the tomatoe sauce. Generally a result from intoxication.
Those beer munches got us a bad case of pizza mouth.
by drunkasfuckforrealfosho January 17, 2009
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Unquenchable thirst caused by eating large amounts of carbohydrates (usually pizza or pasta) further complicated by the inability to consume enough water to quench one's thirst due to already being full of said food.
I have such a bad case of pizza mouth; my stomach can't hold enough water to quench my thirst after eating an entire pizza.
by Infinitecypher July 8, 2018
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