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(Prenounceation, Peetsuhpotesee) Pitzapotzie means something thats out of this world amazing or completely awesome. It can be used as an adjective, verb, or noun. The opposite of this word is Pootzipotzie

Current Tense-Pitzapotzie
Past Tense- Pitzapotzied
Future Tense- Pitzapoze
"That new movie is sooo pitzapotzie, i can watch it 50 more times and it would still be cool."

"My new girlfriend is awsome, she is the most pitzapotzie person i've ever met."

"That new guys is such a pitzapotzie"

"These Jelly Beans are such Pitzapotzies"

"Goodbye, we will pitzapoze later"

"I pitzapotzied with my friends last night, it was really fun"
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