A women who would otherwise be attractive, but is about 20 pounds overweight and trashy. A 10 in Pittsburgh would be about a 6 anywhere else.
That girl is Pittsburgh hot now, but if she dropped about 20 pounds and laid off the Marlboro Reds she would definitely get done.
by Gefilte Phish April 16, 2010
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An average looking girl who, when in Pittsburgh, is one of the best looking girls in the room.
Even with that wack face, she's Pittsburgh Hot.
by Ron McKeesport September 25, 2005
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Only one of the finest examples of sexual progressiveness since the classic "Dirty Sanchez", the Pittsburgh Hot Plate is the act when one partner (usually the male partner but females are encouraged) drops a duece (a turd, a poop, a number two) on a glass coffee table, while the other partner observes from below the table. This act can be enhanced if the male partner then ejaculates into the fecal matter, thereby increasing the "warmth". Sometimes referred to as the Pittsurgh Platter or Glass Bottom Boat
Not even Sharon Stone would be up for the Pittsburgh Hot Plate. You have to get someone like Linda Lovelace for that shit!
by Working_Title March 14, 2011
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A local delicacy prepared by hand, the Pittsburgh Hot Pocket is composed of fresh feces wrapped in a pierogi. It can be fed to any unsuspecting partner, and upon the partner's realization that feces is in fact inside the pierogi, a urine-filled Iron City Beer bottle is smashed across the back of the partner's neck. This will stun the partner, giving the individual ample time to spit on the partner's face and remark, "Go Stillers!"
Johny gave me a Pittsburgh Hot Pocket earlier this morning, so I'm not that hungry right now.
by Dr. Tom O'Reily November 21, 2007
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