(Pronounced Pee-tohn) Any kind of button that you push. Could also be used to describe a small peg or knob.

Origin: New England French Canadian dialect.
Push that little piton to turn on the TV; the hockey game is on!
by Mrberlinnh September 18, 2014
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PITON in bulgaria is a sinonim for DICK. the real meaning of Piton is a snake. Its a snake that is very big but without poison.
Bob: Do u what to see my PITON?
girl: Ur hudge piton?
BOb: yes the piton. Swallow it BITCH!!!!!
Pitona iska6 li da ti pokaja, pitona koito pazq vuv garaja....
by daniD12 March 04, 2007
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1. Giving objects "Piton-like" properties
2. Comparing anything to the enormity of "The Pitons"
3. Describes an awesome experience
4. The magnitude or greatness in size or prominence of anything.
Having visited Saint Lucia, one would be left with a "Pitonic" experience.

These "Pitonic" showers are no match for my umbrella.
by JulieJam August 31, 2010
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"Emery misses piton"- this phrase is only supposed to be used when emery truly misses her piton, and needs the piton ambulance.
Emery- I miss my bestfriend piton.

Random person- Oh, so Emery misses Piton
by bestfwends4ever April 12, 2020
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