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When a woman gets fucked by two men from opposite sides, one in the vagina/ass and one in the mouth like a pig getting roasted for dinner.
Dude Matt and I pit roasted Emily last night! It was awesome!
by pitroastforlife November 11, 2010
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When two men each fuck the armpits of a man or woman. Similar to "pit laning" but on both armpits at the same time.
Fancy a pit roast?

by the breaker January 14, 2009
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an event where a "pig" is held on two "spikes" until it is "done"

an event that may cause a woman to earn the nickname "finger cuffs"

a female engaging in sex both orally and vaginally thus creating the effect of a bbq'd animal being cooked on a spit

a barbeque
Guy#1: dude, we totally pit roasted that chick last night
Guy#2: say word.... i love finger cuffs
Guy#1: word
by Bizzle Foshizzle March 26, 2008
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