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Pirates Inc are a social guild on the server Quel'Thalas, on the online multi-player game World of Warcraft, formed after a previous guild Malus Excercitus took an unfortunate dip, and the GM decided to leave. Despite the previous entry, Pirates Inc are known to be friendly, and are always recruiting. Their Guild Master is Bunnywabbit, but Newflesh sometimes steps in.

The guild is well known to have a good banter, just about things in general, and lend a helping hand.

They have been known to /gkick players from time to time for taking items from the guild bank and selling them for money, instead of being responsible and using them. Players that are rude or unkind are given a warning, before being removed.
I wanna join Pirates Inc
Pirates Inc are awesome
by Porkchop2 September 06, 2009
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Pirates Inc are a guild on the online game World of Warcraft on server Quel Thalas who are just a terrible guild who aren't overly popular amoungst the server and are renowned for being generally offensive towards members they deem 'unworthy'. In the worst case scenario there was a member in the guild who was frowned upon for asking for things he needed from the guild bank and were rather offensive to the afforementioned person and also were offensive and even made up stories about other members shortly before removing them from the guild, the leader: Newflesh is a rather offensive and cruel-minded person from whom the rumors and offenses stem from.
Pirates Inc offend people
Pirates Inc treat people badly
by The guy who saved you all June 03, 2009
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