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To revolt against government corruption through non-life-threatening destruction of government property by use of farm equipment.
That guy just crushed 7 cars with a huge tractor! He's part of the Pionism movement.

That dude just sprayed city hall with a shit spreader! Yeah, he's part of the Pionism movement too!
by The Vermonster August 11, 2012
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A religious belief that our almight father, Pio the Silent Sleeper created for our leisure. This belief emphasizes the human nature of doing absolutely nothing except sleeping.

When a young believer has passed the test of laziness and procrastination, the word 'pionized' can be expressed.
All hail pionism.
This pionism got me very lazy, I need to start working harder.
Dude I think you just got pionized.
by Justine Beiber December 29, 2014
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