Cocaine, Columbian Sugar, Wake Up, Cocaina, Nose Candy, or Blow
"Yo my nigga you got some of that ping ping that stuff was the bees knees
by Real Nigga Wassap March 4, 2014
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Everything that is really funny but you don't want to say its full name
Adam: My ping ping is hard
Mike: Damn dude, chill
by AerySurah October 17, 2020
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A slang term used to describe the female genitalia by mainly Filipinos.
My ping ping itches; her ping ping smells bad; you need to wash your ping ping.
by creamy cherry May 6, 2008
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Good looking, good smelling, and generally very acceptable female genitalia. Always shaved and super tight.

Word originated with AZ metal band, "Awaken".
I screwed this chick last night, and she had the best ping-ping ever!
by MinusB April 23, 2004
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