The fastest way to turn a discussion into a warzone. Bring up anchovies for bonus points.
Fred, Ursula, Charles, and Kyle: *civil discussion about lamps*
Douchebag: Pineapple pizza is Hitler/Jesus!
*cue World War 3*
by Yopmail User August 4, 2023
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A pizza with pineapple slices on top, which some people might like, while others don't.
Either way, I respect your opinion
Me: I have a random question, do you like pineapple pizza? Because I do...
Him:'s not really my favourite. I'm not really that kind of guy who likes to put fruit in pizza.
by broception_15 May 11, 2019
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THE WORST FUCKING PIZZA TOPPING. It you try eating it you are a disgrace
Timmy: Hey want some pineapple pizza
Jerryington Toringthworth Antelbottom The 3rd Jr: Kill yourself
by Maceattac July 7, 2022
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A controversal yet decent flavour of pizza that gets hate because it's out of people's comfort zones.
Guy 1: "I like pineapple pizza."
Guy 2: "Get out."
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The best god damn food to exist.
Dave: Hey can we have pineapple pizza?
Bill: Sure dude, i love pineapple pizza.
by ImMommyPapaJohn March 20, 2018
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The best pizza in the entire world. Pizza is honestly not considered pizza unless it has pineapple on it.
by xBungleBee June 30, 2018
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A type of pizza many people place on top of their pizza, theres a large debate whether pineapple on pizza is good, or not.
You see, many people absolutely hate the shit out of it, other really like and enjoy it on their pizza.

Pineapple pizza looks like a normal pizza pie with chunks of pineapple spread around it, like pepperoni, or mushrooms.
Usually can be purchased near your local pizzeria, and can also be with pepperoni, mushrooms, and other things.

People who hate pineapple pizza will explain how it doesn't make sense to put fruit on food, and people who like so called pizza, will enjoy it.

Angry debates and comments have been made on a specific pizza topping. Some people hate it, some people like it.
Bob: Fuck pineapple pizza! Why the fuck would people put fruit on pizza? If they like it so much, they should try eating hamburgers with watermelons in it! Fucking devils!

Joe: Why are you so pissed off about fruit on food? You fucking eat it every day!
by A weak dick November 3, 2021
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