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A Pilot school-simulation game released for the Super Nintendo back in 1991. You would go through a series of tests, like flying a plane around and then landing successfully, you would also fly around on jet-packs, hang gliders and even sky dive onto targets.

Pilot Wings 64 (1997) would be a much large improvement over the original 1991 version. On the N-64 version, you could fly around freely in large 3D island places and crash into stuff and hear your character scream like a bitch while he/she crashes. =D
I have Pilot wings for both the SNES and N-64. The first one was fun, but the N-64 version is much better!
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007
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The blood stain left on sheets after popping a girls cherry. Which when done in a missionary position, leaves a shape resembling red pilot wings.
"I hope my girlfriend got her sheets cleaned before her mom has a chance to see the pilot wings"
by Mike D December 07, 2004
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