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Pigeoncunt Disorder happens when a woman starts to show signs of having no morals, standards, or self respect. They typically are hated by most populations, similar to the Pigeon. This woman will be from inbred decent. This disorder affects 98% of women who's first name starts with the letter T, and will arise from the inbreeding troll dungeon of Claysburg.

Being as she has deformities of the brain due in inbreeding, she will not realize that she is disgusting. An early warning sign and an indicator to spot out Pigeoncunt, a woman will try to get between a couple, using a foul oder spray as a defense mechanism via vagina. If she succeeds, she will make the relationship toxic, causing a break up. Being extremely repulsive is one of the ways to get what she wants, and there unfortunately is no known cure.
Wow, that Teresa girl that has Feather's sticking out her ass is such a fucking Pigeoncunt.
by Vengeanceisback January 27, 2019
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