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(noun) An unintelligent, rank male, short of stature and round of girth, displaying distinct hyper-PIGmentation in the eye area. Pigcoons often make involuntary snorting or snoring sounds while wide awake, and may have a flat or snubbed nose. Pigcoons prefer a damp, humid environment, in both their habitat and their mate, such that conditions are ideal for growing mushrooms. Also known as a male swamp donkey.

Dude, I can't believe she's dating that pigcoon! He's disgusting! I bet she likes it when he donkey punches her.
by Miss Pristine March 05, 2009
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1.) A cross between pig and racoon used to insult someone who has birthmarks or dark marks on their face, especially near their eyes, temple, upper cheeks or forehead. Most often the person has an unpleasant personality, or is just plain ugly, mean, or gross.

2.) A heinous person who wears glasses, or just happens to be wearing glasses, goggles or other eye covering when they do something stupid enough to deserve the insult.

3.) Can be used without anything distinguishing about their eyes when a simple pig isn't enough.
Listen, when you look like Miss Piggy on meth AND you wear coke-bottles, you need to at least be a good person to make up for it; you can't be a total pigcoon or you won't even get laid by a drunk frog!
by Bunny Marrs March 21, 2009
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