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A period of time lasting up to ten days till the end of the month during which cops are on their menstrual cycle. Much like the female menstruation period, cops become distastefully irritable, and pissy. Additionally, the more severe symptoms do not necessarily mirror that of a woman's cycle. These symptoms are displayed in the extremes and include, but certainly are not limited to: condescension, abrasiveness, anger, aggression, hostility, and in some cases brutality. Simply put, these expressions are a conscious means to provoke people to talk back or to stand up for themselves in a way that the po-po deem intolerable. If this method shows no promise, the victim will be wrongfully accused of something in hopes of receiving admittance. At this point, if a reasonable means to issue a ticket and/or make an arrest is still not found, the bacon will lie about the legality of a potential misdemeanor, ordinance, or felony. The phases of the PMC (Pig Menstruation Cycle) however, are opposite in the progression of stages. Symptomatic changes are most severe in the latter half of the cycle and progressively exacerbate each day. This stage is commonly referred to as PPS, or Postmenstrual Pig Syndrome and usually occurs within the last five days of the month. In essence the pig period is a time of anger and desperation. Desperation to write as many tickets or make as many arrests as needed to sufficiently satisfy their quota; which does exist despite anyone in any position telling you different.
Driver: "Dude, this pig has been riding my ass for the past 3 miles, what the fuck is his problem?"

Passenger: "Dude, the bacon are on their pig period."
by _Yes_ September 09, 2009
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