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A brain child of a young inspired filmmaker. Travis Jamison had an idea "What if I remade the famous movie Titanic starring Leonardo Decaprio?". Pietanic was the product. Starring Gianni Tomassello as Leo, Riley Mcclew, Travis Jamison as Doctor Professor Jelly Donut, and Shane as the asian guy. Some may see this video slightly racist. You may be womdering why. Well that's because Travis, half way through editing, decided to dub most of the lines. The most noticable being Shane's, replaced with "Ching chang chong. Ching chang chong. Pork fried rice. Pork fried rice.". Some critics have said this is the worst amateur film they've ever layed their eyes on, while others adore it. It has a cult following which is reflected by its impressive 118 views on Youtube. A sequel is currently being planned "Pietanic Part Six".
P1: "Hey, have you watched Pietanic."

P2: "Yeah, 'Ching chang chong', lol"
by SirDaveDavis October 22, 2017
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