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1. A dump that includes a piddle.
2. A four year old's insult
3. A package deal in which includes both shit and piss
4. A satchel that encompasses bodily waste
5. A substance used by desperate people to create the highly addictive drug called Jenkem(fermented piss and shit)

6. To poop and piss at the same time(possibly in a jar for Jenkem)
7. To take a liquid shit
8. When you shit liquid comes out too

9. Again a four year old's insult
10. something composed of shit and piss
Example 1
John: Where is Anthony?
Greg: He is busy taking a piddledump.

Example 2
Jack: What are you doing?
Matt: I am piddledumping in this jar so that i may make Jenkem and get high tomorrow.

Example 3
Sarah: Drew keeps trying to rape me!
Morgan: He is such a piddledump!
by MrNathanman November 03, 2009
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