Heavy guy on youtube who used to make videos with his father, sadly his father has passed away and now his videos have alot of clickbait
M1: Did you see the new video from pickleboy?
M2: The one where he breaks up with his girlfriend for the 20th time this year?
M1: uhh I think so
by SUMFURRYTHING August 2, 2019
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homeless dirtbag;a nasty guy who lives with his alcoholic friends
nasty dirty guy homeless pickleboy
dirtbag hobo homo homeless guy faggot
by peanut2812 April 5, 2009
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A person who is good at playing pickleball
**while playing pickleball**

Person one: “I’m pretty good at this, they call me pickleboy”

Person two: “…”
by Poopy head 1234 January 31, 2022
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