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When a man and his woman are having sex with a Johnnie on and the man ejaculates he that carefully removes the rubber from his pinis. He then gets the girl to excrete into it and ties it up. He then proceeds to place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds on a low heat. Once it is warm and soft like a fresh brownie, he takes it out and slaps the girl with it back and fourth til it explodes on her face. Thus this paintbrush has created abstract art
Gerald: yo hombre what did you just get up to last night
Edgar: ah nothing much blad just painting with the Mrs.
Gerald: was it abstract?
Edgar: let's just say I used my trusty Picasso's paintbrush.
by artistsbeaut December 13, 2016
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When you have sex with a girl and pop her cherry causing her to bleed. When you pull out you have what seems to be a paintbrush dipped in red paint.
"Hey, was she a virgin?"
"Yeah, she gave me a Picasso's Paintbrush!"
by ArealMasterpiece July 20, 2009
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