A girl's ass

Based on how girls carry their cell phones in the back pocket of their jeans.
"Damn, that girl has a nice phone case!"

"Yeah dude, my girl has the same one."
by VAlti May 6, 2019
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An indication a person might be bisexual
Did you see, Brittany has a clear phone case. I think she might like girls too
by Pseudo Homonym December 5, 2020
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It suggests they are trying to slide in your dms, so people will say i like your phone case to start a conversation with you And then decide that they want to play hard to get and leave you on read.
Daisy: Hey, I like your phone case!
Y/N: Thanks, i got it from __ , wanna grab a drink sometime
Daisy: Oh thanks but i’m busy.
seen 10.49pm
by Yank33CandleUpMy4ss July 10, 2020
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A phone case that smells a lot like what you've been smoking.
Dad this old phone you gave me is a smokey phone case!
by tackbackwards July 10, 2020
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A flower case is one of those "aesthetic" cases all the indie girls have.
flower phone cases are "so in"
by cake lover 180 November 11, 2020
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