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The term "Phone Abyss" refers to the area of the front of a vehicle between the seats and the center console where you may drop items and never find them again i.e. your phone. The word has been used by Jimmy Tatro in his webisode "My Key", where he loses his keys only to find them in the area that he refers to as the "phone abyss".
Christian- "Dude, have you checked the phone abyss?"

Jimmy- "The phone abyss..... dude I've lost like six phones in here!! But my keys??....... My keys....

Jimmy- "I FOUND THEM!!"
by Peterpufferbelly July 09, 2013
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When your phone is lost to the point of no return, like underneath a seat in a car.
"Dude, I can't find my phone anywhere!"
"Bro, did you check the phone abyss?"
by signalizing June 27, 2013
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